Safe Space
Butte, MT 59701
(406) 782-9807 or 782-8511
(406) 782-9807
24- Hour advocacy and Support, including On-Scene Response

Safe Space

about us
Safe Space History:
Safe Space Inc., originally known as Butte Christian Community Center (BCCC), began as a grass roots movement in the early nineteen seventies by local women to address a multitude of needs in Silver Bow County. Out of this endeavor, Safe Space was born, and over time began addressing the complex and specific needs of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Preventative efforts continue to be a priority in our program, as community education and awareness campaigns are at the foundation of our philosophy statement and the services offered by Safe Space.
Safe Space provides clients with the tools needed to break the inter-generational cycles of violence, and help in recognizing that they can gain control of their lives. We assist in identifying the avenues for emotionally self-sufficiency, as well as the strength and right to refuse the unacceptable.
Safe Space is committed to changing individual, social, and institutional attitudes and practices, which sanction domestic violence in our society.
Safe Space is committed to empowering individuals so that they can acknowledge their self-worth, realize their strength, and attain equal status in both the home and the community.
  • 24- hour Emergency Hotline (local & toll free)

  • Emergency Shelter

  • Community Education

  • Weekly Suport Groups

  • Emergency 911 Cell Phone Progam