First Baptist Church of Butte
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201 W. Broadway
Butte, MT 59701
(406) 723-4277
On the corner of Montana and Broadway to serve you!
Sunday AM Worship 11:00 AM; Sunday School 9:30 & 9:45 & Wed 7 PM

First Baptist Church of Butte

Churches/Worship Centers
about us
WE PROCLAIM GOD OFFERS YOU A BRAND NEW LIFE, WITH EVERYTHING TO LIVE FOR! God offers you a future life with Him in Heaven. A future that starts now. God wants to keep watchful care over us today, tomorrow and beyond. There is coming a day when we will have it all, a life healed and whole. Visit us soon. Every person and family matter! www.firstbaptistchurchof Where real life meets Jesus!.
  • To help others be sure of their personal relationship with Jesus!

  • To Help others experience Gods' love and forgiveness!

  • To helps others rely on Gods' power in tough life situations!

  • To help people grow as a believer!

  • To help people see what God freely gives us!